Taoyuan International Airport Future Plans

 This time I investigated about the future plans of Taoyuan International Airport. So I explain about this future plans.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is an international airport serving Taipei and northern Taiwan. Located about 40 km west of Taipei in Dayuan District, Taoyuan, the airport is Taiwan’s largest and busiest airport. It is operated by the Taoyuan International Airport Corporation. In 2016, it was ranked the best airport for its size in the Asia-Pacific region by Airports Council International.

The airport opened for commercial operations in 1979 as Chiang Kai-shek International Airport and was renamed in 2006. It is an important regional trans-shipment center, passenger hub, and gateway for destinations in Asia, and is one of two international airports that serve Taipei. The other, Taipei Songshan Airport, is located within city limits and served as Taipei’s only international airport until 1979. Songshan now mainly serves chartered flights, intra-island flights, and limited international flights. It is the main international hub for China Airlines, EVA Air and Starlux Airlines. It is also a hub of Mandarin Airlines, Uni Air and Tigerair Taiwan.


 The future issue is how to connect the satellite and terminal to be constructed on the north side of the airport.

(Taoyuan International Airport summary)

Basic Information

Location is Dayuan District, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Serves area is Taipei.

Opened on 26 February 1979 (42 years ago)

Statistics in 2020.

Passengers figure is 7,438,325 (Decrease 84.72%)

Aircraft movements is 118,449 times (Decrease 55.41%)

Airfreight (tonnes) is 2,342,714 (Increase 7.35%)


 Direction is 05L/23R, Length is 3,660m 12,008ft, and Surface is Asphalt concrete.

Direction is 05R/23L, Length is 3,800m 12,467ft, and Surface is Asphalt concrete.


 Terminal 1: Terminal 1 is the original passenger terminal of this Airport. The north concourse is Concourse A and the south concourse is Concourse B. China Airlines uses Concourse A for the majority of its flights in Terminal 1, while Cathay Pacific uses Concourse B for most of its operations.

Terminal 2: Terminal 2 opened in 2000. The Southern and Northern Concourses are also known as Concourse C and Concourse D, respectively. Terminals 1 and 2 are connected by two short people mover lines, with one from Concourse A to D, and the other from B to C. China Airlines uses Concourse D for the majority of its flights in Terminal 2, while EVA Air uses Concourse C for most of its operations.

Other Facilities

Cargo Area: Cargo area is located northeast of Terminal 1.

Service Area: Service area is located northeast of Terminal 1 and southwest of the airport.

(Future plan)

 Terminal 3: Construction of Terminal 3 is part of the expansion project of Taoyuan International Airport. The 640,000 square meter Terminal 3 will accommodate 45 million passengers per year. The new terminal was originally planned to be opened in 2020. However, the project has been delayed, which postpones its targeted completion to 2023. It is now scheduled to be complete by 2025.

North Satellite Concourse: New Satellite Concourse is planned to be built on the site northwest of the airport.

New runway: The third runway is expected to be completed by 2025.

 New Cargo Area: New cargo area is planned at the northern end of the airport

 New Service Area: New service area is planned at the western end of the airport




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