Beijing Daxing Airport Future Plan

 This time I investigated about the future plan of Beijing Daxing International Airport. So I explain about this Plan. The new airport, which opened in 2019, serves as the gateway to the Chinese capital along with Beijing Capital International Airport. Due to the opening of this airport, Beijing Nanyuan Airport was closed.


 Full-scale operation seems to be several years away.

(Basic information)

Location, Daxing, Beijing & Guangyang, Langfang, China

Serves, Beijing Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

Opened, 26 September 2019

Statistics (2019)

 Passengers, 3,135,074 (72,000,000: 2025 target)

 Freight (in tons) 7,362 (2,000,000: 2025 target)

 Aircraft movements 21,048 (620,000: 2025 target)


 East1: Direction 01L/19R, Length 3,400m 11,155ft, Surface Concrete

West1: Direction 17L/35R, Length 3,800m 12,467ft, Surface Concrete

West2: Direction 17R/35L, Length 3,800m 12,467ft, Surface Concrete

North1: Direction 11L/29R, Length 3,800m 12,467ft, Surface Concrete

The West3 runway appears to be military.


 North Terminal: This terminal is currently the only terminal at this airport.

 Satellite Concourses (Connected with Terminal 1 and 2 by an underground automated people mover)

Other Facilities

 Cargo Area is located in runway North1

(Future plan)


 The satellite is planned on the south side of the North Terminal.

 The South Terminal is planned on south side of new satellite.


 The North 2 Runways are planned in parallel with the south side of the North 1 Runway.

 The East 2 Runway is planned in parallel with the east side of the East 1 Runway.

 Depending on future demand trends, a runway may be constructed further east of the East 3 runway.




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