Fukuoka Airport Expansion Plan

 This time I investigated Fukuoka Airport expansion plan. So I explain about this plan.


 The Airport should immediately consider how to expand after the new runway!

(Basic information)

Location, Fukuoka, Japan

Serves, Fukuoka-Kitakyushu Greater Metropolitan Region

Opening year, 1944(Military Base) 1951(Civilian Use)

Statistics (2019)

 Passengers, 24,679,617 (4th in Japan)

 Cargo (tone) 201,777 (4th in Japan)

 Aircraft movements 181,480(5th in Japan)


 Direction 16/34, Length 2,800m 9,186ft, Surface Asphalt concrete


Domestic Terminal

International Terminal

(Demand Forecast)

 Aircraft movements in 2012. Capacity is 164,000, Performance is 152,000.

 Aircraft movements in 2019. Capacity is 170,000, Performance is 181,480.

 Increased capacity by duplicating runways in 2019.

 Aircraft movements in 2024. Capacity is 188,000, Increased capacity by new runway.

 Aircraft movements in 2025. Upside Forecast is 184,000.

 Aircraft movements in 2030. Upside Forecast is 193,000.

 Aircraft movements in 2035. Upside Forecast is 205,000.

 The aircraft movements can be expanded up to 221,000 times by changing the approach.

 Aircraft movement performances in 2019 is higher than expected in 2012. So the Airport should immediately consider how to expand after the new runway will be constructed.

(Future plan)

Constructing Facilities

New Runway (2,500m)




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